Veneta Gerganova

affiliated with the university


Veneta is currently leading a collaboration between Lund University and Niels Bohr Institute of University of Copenhagen for elucidating the motility patterns and determinants of poly-aneuploid cancer cells.

She is developing an imaging pipeline for investigation of cell exploration and invasion of 3D environments coupled with molecular dissection of the mode of migration, which will also serve as a basis for her future independent investigations on the topic.

Prior to this, Veneta worked on gradient pattern formation, and patterning of membrane components in fission yeast in the lab of Prof. Dr. Sophie G. Martin at the University of Lausanne 2016-2021. She obtained her Ph.D. at Jacobs University Bremen in the group of Prof. Dr. Georgi Muskhelishvili working on 3D architecture and patterning of global regulators of the bacterial chromosome in E. coli 2012-2015.