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The topic of my 1996 doctoral dissertation was past participial constructions in Medieval and Renaissance Italian. Though my central area of research remains Italian, I have taken interest in comparative Romance grammar as well as Swedish. My publications include work on absolute constructions, the grammatical relevance of aspect and tense, as well as the syntax and semantics of pronouns. In particular, I have worked on “impersonal” expressions such as the pronoun 'man' in Germanic and Romance varieties. Further, I have taken a comparative and diachronic approach to the study of Italian dialects, combining my interest in grammar with issues relevant for linguistic variation and standardisation. In the Grammatica dell’italiano antico (Giampaolo Salvi & Lorenzo Renzi eds.), which appeared in the spring of 2010, I am contributing with chapters on Old Italian pronouns and non-finite verbs. Since 2007, I am leading the Aspect Seminar in Lund, together with Valéria Molnár.

Recent research outputs

Verner Egerland, 2018, Order and structure in syntax II: Subjecthood and argument structure. Sheehan, M. & Bailey, L. (eds.). Berlin: Language Science Press, 16 p.

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Verner Egerland, 2018, Null Subjects in Generative Grammar: A Synchronic and Diachronic Perspective. Cognola, F. & Casalicchio, J. (eds.). Oxford: Oxford University Press, p. 199-208

Research output: Chapter in Book/Report/Conference proceedingBook chapter

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