Veronica Ekdahl

Doctoral Student


I started my studies at Lund University in 2015 and graduated with a Master’s degree in molecular biology in 2019. During the last year of my Master’s studies, I started specializing in microbiology and continued to do my thesis work entitled “The small Ras-like GTPase CvnD2 affects polar growth in Streptomyces venezuelae” in Prof. Klas Flärdh’s lab at the division of molecular cell biology at Lund University. The aim of this work was to elucidate the role of a newly discovered GTPase, part of a conserved operon, thought to be involved in processes related to polar growth in the actinomycete Streptomyces venezuelae. 

My current research focuses on further investigating the regulatory role of the small Ras-like GTPase CvnD2 and the associated conserved operons in polar growth in S. venezuelae, as well as the interplay with other proteins associated with polar growth and the regulation of peptidoglycan synthesis. These aspects are investigated using various methods in molecular genetics, advanced phase-contrast and fluorescence microscopy including time-lapse imaging of living and growing bacteria, advanced image analysis, as well as various biochemical assays.