Volha Lazuka

Postdoctoral Fellow, Conference Session Organizer, Pedagogics, Learning and teaching in higher education, LATHE, Master of Science (2 years) in Economic Growth, Innovation and Spatial Dynamics, Innovative methods of teaching, Course in Advanced Micro- and Macroeconomics, Economics of Enterprise, Bachelor's and Master's degree

Research areas and keywords

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  • Economic History


In the coming years my general aim in research is to contribute to the knowledge of how and to what extent public institutions and scientific knowledge are responsible for the improvements in life expectancy and economic growth throughout 19th-20th-century in developed countries. A truly long-term perspective, in particular a life-course approach, will receive a heavy focus in my research. I intend to exploit Scandinavian countries as a venue for causal investigations about the significance of induced public efforts and medical innovations.


Master’s and Bachelor's levels, Department of Economic History, Lund University, Sweden:

2019: Supervision of internship, Master of Public Health

2018: Tutorials in Econometrics, Swedish Economic Development

2017: Tutorials in Econometrics, Research Design

2015-2016: Advanced Time Series Analysis, Tutorial in Econometrics, Co-supervision of the master’s theses (5 students)

2014: Economic Growth over Time and Space

Bachelor’s level, Department of Economic Theory, Polotsk State University, Belarus:

2009-2011: Microeconomics, Macroeconomics

2005-2008: Economic Theory, Economic Sociology, International Relations


1. Teaching/Course responsibility:

- Role (responsible for the course, lecturer, teaching assistant): Responsible for the course, lecturer

- Course name: Swedish Economic Development

- Course code: SASE10

- Number of clock hours: 65


- Role (responsible for the course, lecturer, teaching assistant): teaching assistant

- Course name: Econometrics Help

- Course code: -

- Number of clock hours: 24

2. Supervision of theses (including theses completed by Feb-19):

Undergraduate level (number of theses 2018): -

Master level (number of theses 2018): 5

3. Examiner of theses (including theses completed by Feb-19):

Undergraduate level (number of theses 2018): -

Master level (number of theses 2018): 4

4. Briefly describe development work in education – renewal of curriculum and/or pedagogical development:

Revise of the curriculum, lecture and exam content of SASE10

5. Involvement of guest teachers:


6. Programme responsibility (name of programme)


7. Additional work in education (e.g. planning, implementation, and pedagogical leadership)


8. Briefly describe your work with IT-supported teaching and learning

Use IT technologies in my teaching, used them in a pedagogical course Course Design

9. Production of cases, publications on teaching and learning, teaching materials and textbooks

Recent research outputs

Jens Andersson & Volha Lazuka, 2019 Feb 1, In : World Development. 114, February, p. 294-313

Research output: Contribution to journalArticle

Volha Lazuka, 2018 Oct 29.

Research output: Contribution to conferencePaper, not in proceeding

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