Zachary Nolen

Doctoral Student, Master of Science, Master of Science, Bachelor of Science


I am interested in how genomics and evolutionary theory can be used to better inform conservation practices. Genetic diversity is one of the three key forms of biodiversity in need of conservation action, and I use whole genomic methods to assess how genetic diversity is affected by human associated land use changes. By combining field sampling and museum collections, I assess these changes in diversity in association with land use changes across space and time. On these same populations I use morphometric methods to examine adaptive potential (evolvability) to examine what factors contribute to a population's ability to adapt to further environmental changes. My current focus is on insect pollinators due to their value to natural communities as well as the ecosystem services they provide to humans.

My background is largely evolutionary in focus, examining topics such as sexually selected behavior in leaf footed cactus bugs, co-evolution of fungus farming mutualisms in ambrosia beetles (University of Florida), the demographic history of a grasshopper species radiation facilitated by sexual selection (Ludwig-Maximilian University of Munich), and the changes in orangutan mitochondrial diversity over time using museum specimens (Uppsala University).

Recent research outputs

Zachary J Nolen, Burcin Yildirim, Iker Irisarri, Shanlin Liu, Clara Groot Crego, Daniel Buchvaldt Amby, Frieder Mayer, M Thomas P Gilbert & Ricardo J Pereira, 2020 Dec, In: Molecular Ecology. 29, 24, p. 4985-5002

Research output: Contribution to journalArticle

You Li, Craig Christopher Bateman, James Skelton, Michelle Alice Jusino, Zachary John Nolen, David Rabern Simmons & Jiri Hulcr, 2017 Nov, In: Fungal Biology. 121, 11, p. 984-989

Research output: Contribution to journalArticle

Zachary J Nolen, Pablo E Allen & Christine W Miller, 2017 May, In: Behavioural Processes. 138, p. 1-6

Research output: Contribution to journalArticle

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