2001-2005 Caesarean section on request. Understanding bodily practices in late modernity

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  • gender medicine birth practices


Several research reports point to the increasing rates of caesarean section on request in most West European countries. This development has also been voiced by the media and is present in popular culture, especially in women’s magazines (in Sweden at least from 1999 and onwards). The aim of this study is twofold. One is to take this phenomenon of increasing caesarean sections on demand as a point of departure in order to explore continuity and change in gendered bodily practices as it is mirrored in young pregnant women’s changing relations to their own bodies, science and to the Swedish health care system. The second aim is to analytically and theoretically grasp medical institutions, as modern ones, response to late modernity especially focusing changes towards changes in family forms, ethnic relations and an increasing individualisation. Theoretically we are inspired by debates on intersectionality within feminist research.

Layman's description

Det är mycket som tyder att både i Sverige och i Europa fler kvinnor upplever vaginal förlossning som både farlig oh skrämmande. Syfte med projektet är att utforska kvinnors erfarenheter av födda inom ramen för radikala kulturella förändringar i förståelse av kön och sexualitet. Det är också att utforska medicinska institutioner respons till senmodernitet inte minst vad gäller etnicitet och kön.
Effective start/end date2001/01/012005/12/31


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