A grammar of Kalamang

Project: Dissertation

Research areas and keywords


  • Papuan languages, language documentation, language description, phonology, morphology, Syntax, Indonesia


Description of the Papuan language Kalamang, spoken by 120 people on Karas island in east Indonesia. Focus on phonology, morphology and syntax. Accompanied by a corpus (50.000 tokens, 15 hours of transcribed material) and a wordlist (2700 words).

Layman's description

I am writing a book with the rules of one of the world's languages: Kalamang, spoken in the east of Indonesia by 120 people. I describe the sound system, how words are formed, and how one makes grammatical sentences in Kalamang. I also compile a simple dictionary, and gather recordings of people speaking (including translations) in a corpus.
Effective start/end date2016/09/012021/01/31