Ability of Personality and Multiple Achievement Goals to Predict Well-Being, Sense of Stress Control, and Final Grades in Swedish High School Students

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Students´ well-being and grades have been found to be related to a variety of personality traits and achievement goals. The aim here was to investigate relations of this sort in Swedish high school students. A group of 918 of the 1,145 students attending a high school in Sweden were tested by use of the Perceived Stress and Control Rating Scale (Ollfors & Andersson, 2007) and various well-established scales for measuring goals, personality and sense of well-being in school. The students were also interviewed regarding possible biopsychosocial symptoms, and their final grades were recorded Personality traits predicted the separate achievement goals to 12-27% and predicted 9 of the 14 sense-of-well-being variables better than achievement goals did, two of the latter variables being equally well predicted by both. Support for both an additive and an interactive goal hypothesis was obtained The importance of studying the interaction of multiple achievement goals is emphasized.
Short titlePersonality, Goals, and Well-Being
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  • Andersson, Sven Ingmar (PI)