Abstract, concrete and emotional words in the mental lexicon

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My thesis project investigates relations in the mental lexicon. There are differences in the brain’s processing of concrete words, e.g. ’orange’ and abstract words, e.g. ’idea’. A possible reason is concrete words’ relationship to sensorimotor information. The interaction of sensorimotor, emotional and linguistic information in word processing is explored in psycho- and neurolinguistic studies.
Effective start/end date2010/09/012016/05/27


  • Blomberg, Frida (PI)

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Frida Blomberg, Merle Horne, Mikael Roll, Pelle Söderström & Magnus Lindgren

Swedish Research Council


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Blomberg, F., Mikael Roll, Magnus Lindgren & Merle Horne, 2016, p. 207.

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