Acquarossa, an Archaic Etruscan town

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Layman's description

A Swedish archaeological expedition disclosed an entire Etruscan town at Acquarossa, a site north of Rome from the 7th and 6th centuries B.C. As a member of the expedition I was entrusted the publication of three excavation zones: J, K and Tre Marie, on which I am still at work. These zones contained domestic architecture as well as tombs, and a variety of artefacts like pottery, tiles and bronzes

In my forthcoming publication of the excavation zones of J, K and Tre Marie of Acquarossa I intend to analyse above all the following items:
1. the stratigraphy, hoping for information especially on the building periods, if more than a single one
2. the domestic architecture, implying both wattle-and-daub huts (Zone K) and tile-roofed houses on stone foundations (Zone J); there is an active scholarly discussion on how these two types of buildings relate chronologically and socially to each other, and the finds at Acquarossa may provide some clues
3. the tombs at Tre Marie, their structures unfortunately badly damaged
4. the find material, including such finds as can give reasonably precise chronological information: certain types of pottery and certain types of bronzes.
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