Aerosol instruments for analysis of carbonaceous species in gas and particle phase

Project: Research


The purpose of the application is to maintain and expand the internationally leading position of the Lund University Aerosol Laboratory. We have state of the art equipment for on-line particle characterization, but lack instrumentation for gas characterization.

We apply for a FTIR (Fourier-Transform Infrared) spectrometer that will enable on-line studies of a number of health and climate relevant gas phase compounds. For particle analysis we apply for replacement of our (failing) thermal/optical carbon analyzer with a new instrument. Thanks to novel multi-wavelength detection, this upgrades a true work-horse instrument to a research frontier tool that aids in understanding the sources and optical properties of carbonaceous particles.

The combination of the new instruments will increase our possibilities to perform complete characterization of both the gas and particle phase of carbonaceous air pollution. In combination with our already available instrumentation, this will constitute a unique infrastructure for studies of the formation, emission and atmospheric transformation of carbonaceous aerosol. It will enable investigations of pollutants from combustion sources when renewable fuels replace fossil fuels, human exposures in various environments and aerosol-climate interactions. Applications involve a variety of research fields where LTH and Lund University have already established several strong research environments.
StatusNot started
Effective start/end date2020/01/012020/12/31