An Analysis of Social Exclusion with a Focus on Political Participation in Sweden and the USA

Project: Dissertation

Research areas and keywords

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  • Sociology


  • social exclusion, Political participation , institutionalisation


Social exclusion, conceptualized within this project as a measure of an individual’s participation within society, can be divided into three different dimensions: the social, the economic, and the political. This research project focuses on changing forms of participation in the political dimension, where an increase in the occurrence of non-institutional actions has been observed. Utilizing theories such as sociological neo-institutionalism or field theories, this project aims to explore how different identities, views, and actions come to be legitimated, maintained, and reproduced in both the parliamentary and extra-parliamentary spheres of political participation. This project will help to answer questions surrounding why and how we come to participate in the political realm, and how groups with similar aims can develop such strikingly different understandings of what are legitimate actions and strategies.
Effective start/end date2017/09/012021/06/30