Basal cell carcinoma - Diagnostic accuracy and choice of therapy

Project: Dissertation

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  • Skin cancer, Basal cell carcinoma, surgical treatment, epidemiology


Basal cell carcinoma (BCC) is the most frequent skin cancer form in Sweden and a growing health problem. Since 2004, BCC is registered in the Swedish cancer registry. All newly diagnosed, histologically verified BCC tumours are registered, creating a unique coverage of national BCC incidence. Using this registry, we wish to investigate epidemiology and risk factors for developing BCC.

Gold standard for treatment of BCC is surgical excision. Main surgical treatment modality for BCC is simple excision. International recommendations feature Mohs surgery as the treatment of choice for high risk tumours. Sweden is an area undeserved with Mohs surgery, do to the costs and laboratory requirements of the procedure. Our research aims to evaluate simple excision as a treatment for BCC. In doing this, we hope to facilitate in revising the indications for simple excision and Mohs surgery in Sweden and abroad. Furthermore, we wish to evaluate treatment outcome after Mohs surgery at the department of dermatology, Skåne university hospital, Lund.

Layman's description

Basal cell carcinoma (BCC) is the most common skin cancer form. We do not, however, know much about the true occurrence of BCC and larger studies on risk factors for developing this cancer form is lacking. We wish to study the Swedish national registry of basal cell carcinoma in order to get further insight into how common this tumour form is and which factors can affect its occurence.

The most common treatment form for BCC is surgical excision, where the tumour is removed with a scalpel under local anesthesia. Specialized surgical techniques have been developed in order to decrease the risk of recurrence of the tumour. These techniques are costly and should only be used when treating high risk tumours. By studying the outcome of ordinary, simple excision and the outcome after specialized Mohs surgery, we wish to evaluate simple excision as a treatment of BCC and, if necessary, revise the indications of use of specialized surgery.
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