Behind closed doors - the impact of community interpreting according to legal security and integration with a special focus on the reception of separated asylum seeking children

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The reception of separated minors and children is a complex and sensitive process. Many different parties play a role in the reception and integration of an underage individual, both on a general level and on a local level. The aim of this project is to analyse the significance of interpreting for legal security and integration in the reception and asylum procedures of separated children.

A large number of minors arrive in Sweden every year without any legal guardian and their number has increased in recent years from 816 in 2006, to 1 264 in 2007 and 2 500 in 2009. Many different parties play a role in the reception and integration of individual minors. On a general level, the Migration Board, the National Board of Health and Welfare and SKL all cooperate in this process. The child is to be offered accommodation, to start school, to meet health and welfare workers, psychologists and social workers while the asylum procedure is underway.

In this process, two parties have a particular role. The child is placed under the guardianship of a trustee, who follows the child and speaks for it in various matters. The other party is the interpreter(s); it is not certain that the same one will be present at every meeting.

Currently there is little documented knowledge of the reception of separated minors since the shift to the new system which came into force on 1 July 2006, whereby the municipalities have taken over responsibility for reception from the Migration Board. The municipalities have signed agreements with the Migration Board, but there are still no procedures or overview of how things are to be done and exactly who is responsible for what. Through field work in the form of interviews with interpreters, separated minors, observations of accommodation and asylum procedures, the reception of minors and the significance of interpreting are investigated.
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Eva Norström, Ingrid Fioretos & Kristina Gustafsson


Project: Research

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