Biomedicine, Culture and Society

Project: Dissertation

Layman's description

We know relatively little about how scientific and medical neurological research is perceived and interpreted by people affected by serious neurological diseases. At the same time, neurological research is influenced by social and cultural factors. In this project, the interplay is investigated, using the example of Huntington’s disease.

Through scientific and medical research we increase our knowledge of how our brains function, a development which gives us new perspectives on human beings and their existence. How will this new knowledge be integrated into our society? How is scientific and medical knowledge influenced by different social and cultural patterns? These are some of the questions that this thesis aims to answer. The overall aim is to investigate the interplay between biomedical knowledge and different cultural and social patterns in our society.

The studies include investigations into how individuals and families affected by the hereditary neurological disease Huntington’s disease form an understanding and sense of meaning in relation to their illness and to a high-tech, research-intensive care structure. The approaches for the studies are primarily drawn from ethnology, but also from sociology and medicine.
Effective start/end date2009/09/012013/12/31