Blue-green stormwater systems for citywide flood mitigation - Monitoring, conceptualization, modelling, and evaluation

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  • Infrastructure Engineering
  • Water Engineering


This thesis presents a method and toolchain that constitute a new platform for increasing our understanding of complex urban drainage networks. This platform is also a starting point for the development of a more reliable tool for the initial screening of urban catchments to identify urban areas in which it is hydraulically and economically efficient to construct neighborhood-scale blue-green stormwater systems.

Layman's description

The study shows that blue-green stormwater systems can greatly reduce the outflow from an area to a pipeline. It also shows that the outflow depends on the order in which the blue-green solutions are placed in the system. But it is indicated that the risk of flooding might even increase if the blue-green systems are not properly implemented in cities.
Short titleBlue-green stormwater systems for citywide flood mitigation
Effective start/end date2014/06/012019/09/13

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