Broken Technologies. The Humanist as Engineer

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If with technology we mean the development of “intentional effective procedures that work within and beyond the human capabilities” then broken technologies can be understood as the result of the situation in which intentional effective procedures of any kind, do worse than the human body does, or when they do better than the human body, they do worse than other intentional effective procedure.

Our project consists in the creation of a topology or encyclopedia of broken technologies. Even if a complete typology of broken technologies is certainly impossible, the project consists to create a topology or encyclopedia of broken procedures which became as complete as possible. Our typology by necessity is going to be rhizomatic. A rhizome is a classification that we could describe as transcriptional because it works between dimensions. To make an encyclopedia is to create a mechanism, a technical device to manage the everyday life efficiently, and then a “broken encyclopedia” will be a device to manage to reconstruct or reproduce the jump into nothingness that characterizes broken technologies. In our classification of first-level brokenness, the first group consists of the creations of pure fantasy. Other entries of the Encyclopedia are: magic technologies, technologies of poverty, tentative technologies, second languages technologies, technologies of broken in identity, broken-life technologies, amateur technologies, etc.
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