Corpus Vasorum Antiquorum/Sweden

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Corpus Vasorum Antiquorum is an international project aiming at the publication of the vases from the classical cultures, esp. the Greek vases, in the museums all over the world. Together with professor Charlotte Scheffer, Stockholm, I am the leader of the Swedish section of the project. We are currently busy with the collections of museums at Lund, Stockholm and Uppsala.

Pottery from the classical cultures, especially the ancient Greek culture, are something of a mainstay of both archaeological museums and art museums. Much of this material was acquired on the market, its archaeological context having thereby been lost. It is deemed very important to publish these vases – describing, identifying and analysing them - in order to make them accessible to the modern research.

The international project of Corpus Vasorum Antiquorum (CVA), which was launched with precisely this objective, started in France in the 1920s. Today it is being upheld in 26 countries. Sweden is one of the participating countries, with four volumes published so far, the first one in 1983. Two collections in Lund hold vases, mostly Greek, of interest to the project: the collections of classical antiquities in the Historical Museum of Lund University, and the collections of Kulturen.
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