Critique and Engagements within neoliberal Capitalism in Central and Eastern Europe: the work life of middle class workers in Multinational Corporations

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My research is concerned with the political implications of how Western-based Multinational Corporations (MNCs) are a key force in changing the worth and value of labor in the post-socialist settings of Central and Eastern Europe. Significant amounts of research in this field have attended to the flexible nature of industrial relations and macro-oriented issues such as persistent social insecurities of working classes in Eastern capitalism. But there has, arguably, been less focus on the social, political and subjective implications for an emerging middle class of managers and workers in multinational corporations.

Zooming in on the role of MNCs in changing working conditions, the aim is to explore the manners in which managers and workers experience, qualify and criticise their work trajectories and positions within flexible capitalism. The research project draws on the thesis of the new spirit of capitalism and related works in the field of French pragmatism. The case study approach of the project is predominantly (but not solely) focused on Hungary, which has been heavily influenced by Foreign Direct Investments of MNCs.

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My research is concerned with the changing worth and value of labour in capitalist market societies of Central and Eastern Europe. I approach this issue with a particular focus on the nature of changing employment practices for a raising middle class of managers and workers in the setting of Multinational Corporations in Hungary. The aim is to capture and elucidate the subjective experiences and trajectories of work life flexible and neoliberal forms of capitalism. The project aims to break new theoretical grounds as it adopts the theory of the New Spirit of Capitalism in order to explore how the ideological and institutional components of employability in CEE is changing.
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