Cross Laminated Timber Beams - Rational Structural Analysis

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  • wood, cross laminated timber, beam loading, constitutive modelling, design


Over the last years, there has been a significant increase in the interest of cross laminated timber (CLT or X-lam) from industry and the research community. Reasons for this include environmental benefits from using wood-based products in construction, economic benefits due to the high level of prefabrication and rapid on-site erection as well as advantageous mechanical properties. The basic concept of CLT, i.e. the orthogonally layered composition, makes production of structural elements with considerable stiffness in two directions feasible. Research has so far been focused on out-of-plane loading. There are however also a number of appealing structural properties when using the product for in-plane beam loading.The project will consider in-plane beam loading of CLT-elements including prismatic beams and beams with holes, notches or other geometrical irregularities. Using CLT for such structural members is very relevant from a practical engineering point of view since the cross layers have a reinforcing effect with respect to stress perpendicular to element length direction. Due to the general structure of cross laminated timber, the stress state is very complex and many failure modes need to be considered. The project consists of development of numerical modelling approaches using FEM and experimental tests. The aim is to contribute to the general knowledge regarding the structural behavior of CLT and hence facilitate its use in modern construction.
Effective start/end date2017/01/012019/12/31


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Erik Serrano, 2019, p. 6.

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