Den övertalande reformbyråkratin. Om aktiveringsinspektörer, den aktiva arbetsmarknadspolitiken och kvinnors utträde på arbetsmarknaden

Project: Research


The project was financed by The Swedish Research Council, 2011-2013

This research project investigates the importance of the Swedish reform bureaucracy in the making of new gender and family relations, with special emphasis on the roles played by civil servants. The civil servants included in this project were all employed as “Activating inspectors” by the National Labour Market Board (AMS) and local employment agencies across the country between 1966 and 1985.

Their main purpose was initially to enlighten, guide and influence women who did not have gainful employment to take on paid work, thereby contributing to the emergence of the dual earner – dual carer family model. Central to this project has thus been the role of the Activating Inspector as an important group in the implementation of active labour market policies, full employment and gender equality.

The main aim of the research project is two-folded. First, the capacity of the reform bureaucracy in the making of new family and gender relations are analysed. Second, the roles, purposes and conditions among the activating inspectors are mapped and further explored. The overarching ambition is to further the understanding of the reform bureaucracy as an important driving force in the early establishment of the dual earner – dual carer family model in Sweden.
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