Diabetes Prediction in Skåne Study (DiPiS)

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  • Diabetes Prediction


The aim of the Diabetes Prediction in Skåne Study is to identify genetic and immunological markers that predict clinical onset of type 1 diabetes and associated immune mediated diseases. Children at increased genetic risk are followed annually until 15 years of age. A total of 48 ,058 children were born in Skåne 2000-2004 and 35,683 cord blood samples were obtained for HLA-typing. A total of 25,378 parents filled out a questionnaire at 2-months of age. At two years of age, 7826 parents were asked their child to be followed for autoantibodies against insulin, GAD65, IA-2 and ZnT8.
Effective start/end date2000/09/012019/12/31