ELLIIT LU P02: Co-Design of Robust and Secure Networked Embedded Control Systems

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In the design of embedded control systems it is important to use the limited platform resources (e.g., CPU time, network bandwidth, energy) as efficiently as possible. At the same time, any optimistic assumptions at design time may lead to runtime failures caused by missed deadlines, lost controls, or energy depletion. Shifting our focus from off-line optimization to on-line operation, in this project we aim to develop theory and co-design methodology for robust and secure embedded control systems that should operate efficiently also in the presence of uncertainties or unforeseen events. We will consider both passive and active robustness towards, among other things, plant perturbations, malicious intrusion, execution-time overruns, and varying network capacity. In the passive approach, we aim for techniques that take parametric plant and platform uncertainty into account at design time, while the run-time system should provide predictable exception handling and provable performance bounds. In the active approach, the run-time system should be able to adapt to new and unexpected conditions via reconfiguration and self-optimization.

During 2019 we have investigated overrun handling methods for feedback controllers executing under the logical execution time paradigm. By co-designing the controller parameters, the sampling period, and the overrun strategy, we can achieve better control performance and higher average utilization than traditional, conservative approaches. We have also developed a new Matlab-based toolbox, called JitterTime, for analyzing how jitter, packet drops, task overruns, and other transient problems in feedback loops affect the control performance. The toolbox has been used to evaluate the effect of deadline overruns (see above) as well as to optimize static schedules for distributed controllers implemented in the edge cloud.
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Gautham Nayak Seetanadi, Martina Maggio & Karl-Erik Årzén, 2020 Mar 9, (Accepted/In press) International Conference on Real-Time Networks and Systems.

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Gautham Nayak Seetanadi & Karl-Erik Årzén, 2020 Feb 20, (Accepted/In press) 2nd Workshop on Fog Computing and the Internet of Things.

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Anton Cervin (Recipient), Yang Xu (Recipient), Karl-Erik Årzén (Recipient), Morteza Mohaqeqi (Recipient) & Mitra Nasri (Recipient), 2016 Oct 20

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