Entrepreneurship – the role of context and embeddedness

Project: DissertationIndividual research project

Research areas and keywords

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  • Business Administration


  • Entrepreneurship, Embeddedness, Institutional logics, Narratives


My research area concerns the role of context and embeddedness in the entrepreneurial process. Using a narrative approach, I study the embedding process of outsiders who enter into new and unknown contexts in terms of place and industry. Through an institutional logics perspective I aim to explore how an initial disembeddedness from dominant logics may enable and constrain entrepreneurial action.

Layman's description

In contemporary society when people are mobile and move between geographical spaces and between professional careers access to a local context might be limited. In this research project the purpose is to shed light on entrepreneurial processes when the entrepreneur is entering into a venture process when the local context is new to him or her; that is to say either he or she is starting a new venture in a new geographical space or he or she is starting a venture in a new industry.
Effective start/end date2016/03/012020/03/01