European Integration vs. European Legal Cultures : A Comparative Case Study concerning Harmonization and Implementation of EU Migration Law

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This PhD presents some ideas on how to study comparative legal Culture in Europe.
The European Union is constantly growing and evolving. The legal field of European Union is expanding in a very fast rate. Today, one of the most difficult areas to study fprsocio-legal scholars is consequently the European Union.
There has been an ongoing debate on how to study legal Culture in general and even how to define this concept. This paper gives an alternative by building a hypothesis that can give an option to study legal culture empirically in a certain juridical field. The field used as an empirical example in this paper is the field of migration law in two EU-member states, Sweden and Poland. The theoretical model presented in this paper shows how we can syudy and understand the process of implementation in different EU-member states, and how we can do a comparative case study between EU-member states to achieve more knowledge of the requirements and diversity between Eus legal systems.
Effective start/end date2005/01/012008/01/01

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