Exploring symbiotic language development: studies in the integrative structures of Scandoromani (Swedish and Norwegian Traveller Romani)

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Layman's description

The project studies the integrative patterns of language mixing in Scandoromani, a language based on Scandinavian and Romani. The structures of integration and their historical development is in focus. The project is based on a new research material of these dialects.

Scandoromani, which means Swedish and Norwegian Romani, is a language, nearly extinct, which has been spoken by Swedish and Norwegian travellers for nearly 500 years. It traces its root back to continantal Romani, but derives it grammar and syntax from Scandinavian languages. However, the language is an autonomous language with independent linguistic structures. The project aims at looking at these mixed structures and their origin from a historic perspective.
Effective start/end date2008/01/012011/12/31