EyeLearn: Using visualizations of eye movements to enhance metacognition, motivation and learning

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The overall goal of this project is to implement a technological classroom of tomorrow, which can be used for studying, supporting and improving metacognitive reflection in pupils in Compulsory and Upper Secondary School. We development and implement a eyetracking-based tools in which we can also measure, quantify and improve learning behaviour,

The overall objective of the project is to build a high-tech classroom to study, support and enhance metacognitive reflection of pupils in primary and secondary schools. The project consists of three phases:
1: Develop methods to better study skills through reflection on students' problem-solving strategies based on visualizations of eye movement patterns.
2: Systematic testing of the methods in selected schools in Lund.
3: Embedding foveation support in digital learning to enhance possibilities for reflection on self-study and adapt learning materials to different abilities and preferences.

In the digital classroom, we implement the method in full-scale, in collaboration with teachers at three schools. The project interacts with the teacher training program at Lund University, where the goal is to develop research-based teachingmodules. Of great importance is to create a classroom of the future, where e-learning and digital media are central to teaching, and where we can measure, quantify and improve learning behavior.

• Workshop Using eye tracking to design and evaluate education & training methods
• Research group Classroom of the Future at the Pufendorf Institute (http://www.pi.lu.se/research-activities/the-classroom-of-the-future)
• Workshop The use of visualizations and technology in the digital classroom
• Inauguration of the Digital Classroom (http://www.lu.se/article/digitala-klassrummet-ett-fullskalelabb-i-varldsklass)
Effective start/end date2012/01/012015/12/31


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Jana Holsanova, Marcus Nyström & Kenneth Holmqvist, 2014, Vetenskapliga perspektiv på lärande, undervisning och utbildning i olika institutionella sammanhang : utbildningsvetenskaplig forskning vid Lunds universitet. Persson, A. & Johansson, R. (eds.). Lunds universitet, Institutionen för utbildningsvetenskap, p. 369-380

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