Health, Occupation and Well-being

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Daily Occupations, Health and Well-being: Intervention Studies and Instrument Development

The research network HOW (Health, Occupation and Well-being) investigates associations between people’s daily occupations and their perceived well-being and quality of life. There may be invigorating and therapeutic mechanisms in people’s patterns of everyday occupations which, if known, can be of use in public health and health care to promote recovery and a good life. We study the connection between occupation and health, evaluate interventions, construct instruments and methodology, and develop models and theory that can be applied for different populations with a variety of vulnerabilities, diseases, injuries and functional limitations.

The research is organised in four themes:

1. Exploring the relationships between occupation and health, recovery and well-being
2. Outcomes of occupational therapy and occupational science-based interventions
3. Development of instruments and methodology
4. Development of models and theory

network is ledby professor Mona Eklund and includes also associate professors
Elisabeth Argentzell, Carita Håkansson,Birgitta Gunnarsson, ChristelLeufstadius
and Jan-Åke Jansson, another 11 researchers with a Ph.D. (Pia Hovbrandt, Jenny
Hultqvist, SuzanneJohansson, Annika Lexén, Anne-Le Morville, Lisbeth Nilsson,
Kristina Orban,Elisabeth B Persson, Parvin Pooremamali, Carina Tjörnstrand and
BirgittaWästberg) and Ph.D. candidates KristineLund and Susanne Porter. All
are, or have been, part of a research groupat the Department of Health
Sciences, Lund University. Many are still employedthere, but to an increasingly
degree HOW constitutes a network that includesresearchers at other universities
as well. PhD Aaron Eakman (Colorado State University i Fort Collins, USA), PhD
Daniel Sutton (Auckland University ofTechnology i Auckland, Nya Zeeland) and
Ph.D. Laura Vidaña Moya (Universitat de Vic - UniversitatCentral de Catalunya,
Spanien) are linked withthe HOW network as guest researchers.

Short titleHOW
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