Housing adaption planning - Implementing research-based methodology in community praxis

Project: ResearchInterdisciplinary research


This project ran during the years 2004-2005. The aim was to demonstrate and implement scientific methods for the assessment and analysis of the physical environment in connection with housing adaptations in the municipalities. All the occupational therapists in Kristianstad municipality were trained to carry out data collection and analysis with the Housing Enabler instrument. Housing adaptation cases were successively registered in a common database in order to provide material on which to base decisions as part of the ordinary municipal housing provision for people with functional disabilities. The project also aimed to improve the quality of occupational therapists' management of housing adaptation cases. Dissemination of information inside and outside the municipality was important, for example, to the public works department, to builders, property owners and user organizations. The project generated important knowledge about possibilities and challenges in processes intended to implement research methods into occupational therapy practice (Fänge, Risser & Iwarsson, 2007). The results were presented at a well-attended conference in Kristianstad in January 2006. Politicians and officials in the municipal care department are very satisfied with the project and its results, and it has been decided that the method will continue to be used on are regular basis. In this respect, the results are already used in order to support ordinary housing planning. The results can also be used to stimulate researcher – practitioner collaboration, which in the long term positively affects the quality in municipal health care and matters such as housing provision.

Final report [in Swedish] available for download: Min Bostad och Jag (2007-12-05)

Effective start/end date2003/01/012007/12/05