Increasing Ethical Awareness. The Enhancement of Long-Term Effects of Ethics Teaching: a Quantitative Study

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  • Ethics
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I am writing a thesis in the didactics of ethics where I ask myself how the teaching of ethics in the upper secondary school, particularly in the religious studies, should be performed in order to give the students a more conscious and well reasoned approach to ethical issues and problem situations, even a long time after examination.
In order to investigate this I will, supported by skillful religion teachers, compare different methods for ethics teaching, to see how they differ in ability to affect the students' ways of thinking about everyday ethical problems. The evaluation will be made by the students filling out questionnaires, which will afterwards be compared and interpreted. In order words, my study has a quantitative nature.
I will also, in my thesis, discuss the concept of autonomy, how it is being used by theorists as Kant and Piaget, and how it can be applied in the development of ethics teaching.
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