Informational value and economic value: Marx and the moral depreciation of technology

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Layman's description

For Marx, technologies are either tools or machines and both are physical things. He was interested in the study of their intrinsic labor value in the capitalist production process. We discover in Marx account of the theory of labor some inconsequence; Our conclusion is that the intrinsic labor value of any device (commodity) is an expression of its intrinsic informational value.

In this project we try to clarify which is the concept of technology which Marx uses in his work. We suspect that his understanding of technology is related to a dualistic worldview in which technologies are perceived as part of the objective world. On the other hand, such a notion would contradict Marx’s conception of the value of a commodity as “condensed labor”. We will investigate if this contradiction could be overcome if we define economic value as information.
Effective start/end date2014/01/012014/12/31


  • Flores, Fernando (PI)