Is biodiesel exhaust toxic?

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Diesel exhaust causes cancer. Not much is known about the toxicity of new biodiesel. Exhausts from diesel/biodiesel are complex mixtures of particles and other compounds including nitrated polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (nitro-PAHs). Nitro-PAHs are highly mutagenic and carcinogenic. In the body, nitro-PAHs are metabolized into amino-PAHs that are excreted in urine, but nitro-PAHs can also form adducts with DNA and proteins. Therefore, urinary amino-PAHs and adducts could serve as promising biomarkers of diesel/biodiesel exposure.
We establish analytical methods for the detection of new biomarkers for biodiesel exhaust. We will measure biodiesel exposure in a short-term diesel/biodiesel exposure study as well as in cohort studies of diesel exposed workers.
Short titleBiomarker Diesel exhaust
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