Island Constraints in Mainland Scandinavian

Project: Dissertation


My PhD project aims to investigate the rare possibility of extraction from certain syntactic islands (such as relative clauses, DP complement clauses and adjunct clauses) which is displayed in the Mainland Scandinavian languages, and to relate these extractions to universal theories of locality. Island extractions pose a challenge for syntactic theories, because movement operations out of islands are considered to be blocked by universal locality constraints. Finding an explanation for the unexpected behavior of Swedish, Norwegian and Danish in this regard must therefore be considered a crucial task for determining the exact nature of syntactic islands. The main goal of my project is to provide an explanatory account of the cross-linguistic variation that island constraints exhibit, as revealed through the Scandinavian languages. The planned investigation is based on the assumption that the relevant structures are in fact grammatical for speakers of Mainland Scandinavian in the sense of having a full syntactic representation in these languages, which I intend to show by means of experimental methods.
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  • Müller, Christiane - Swedish (PI)

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Christiane Müller, 2019 Apr 29, Lund: Centre for Languages and Literature, Lund University. 283 p.

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