Judgement and didactics. Swedish Literary Criticism 1800–2000

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The project planned intend to chart the conditions and opportunities for Swedish women critics 1800–2000, with the aim of writing a history of women critics as well as separate studies about theory, genre and individual careers. Crucial is the essence of the question: ”[Why] Are There No Great Women Critics? and: What difference does it make? Do women have a special aim or calling as critics?
Effective start/end date2013/01/012017/12/31


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Michael Schoenhals, Annika Mörte Alling, Lennart Nyberg, Anders Ohlsson, Ann Steiner, Bibi Jonsson, Jon Helgason, Johan Stenström, Jimmy Vulovic, Kerstin Bergman, Mats Jönsson, Peter Henning, Sara Kärrholm, Björn Larsson, Dorota Tubielewicz Mattsson, Karin Sarsenov & Birthe Sjöberg


Project: Research

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