Kapuas River – A shared river basin at the brink of over-exploitation

Project: Research


The short-term objective of the proposed collaboration is to develop a research program on Integrated River Basin Management (IRBM) for the Kapuas River to improve sustainable resource use and environmental conditions. The long-term objective is to develop an interdisciplinary environmental research center at Tanjungpura University. The center would support research, education, information management and joint collaboration in all aspects of water and environment in the Kapuas River. As such this center would serve as a regional (recalling that Kapuas River is the largest in Indonesia) base for study and dissemination of information/knowledge related to nature/water, ecological, socio-economic and human resources in the river basin. The vision is that this collaboration project eventually shall form the basis for this future center. The specific objectives of the proposed programme are to:
- Raise the research capacity at DEE. This will be done by staff exchange and collaborative research on specific case studies;
- Strengthen environmental monitoring and analyses capacity at Dept. of Environment at TPU;
It is evident that the Indonesian counterpart will benefit from this collaboration, however also the Swedish counterpart will benefit by being able to test hypotheses for environmental sustainability, complex IRBM, and socio-economic development. It is thus foreseen that the study will receive international interest.
Effective start/end date2015/01/012018/12/31

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