Language Policy, Politics and Planning in Virtual and Material Worlds: The Case of Ukraine

Project: DissertationInterdisciplinary research

Research areas and keywords


  • language policy, language politics, language planning, nexus analysis, discourse analysis, linguistic landscape


The aim of the entire project is to unite the study of language policy, politic and planning often criticized for “dichotomizing language policy creation and implementation” (Siiner, 2012, p. 21) by examining discursive representations of language ideologies in policy documents, media, interviews, and also by tracing and comparing regional historical language ideologies, policies and practices ‘on the ground’ by comparing the visibility of those processes in Linguistic Landscape.
Following the footsteps of Spolsky (2004, 2009) and Shohamy (2006, xvi) in a long-standing sociolinguistic strive of investigating language policy (LP) using a variety of approaches, this project is complemented by a comparative study of languages in public space (linguistic landscape analysis) in the four distinctive regions of Ukraine as a mechanism of de facto language policy implementations, where language ideological debates turn into social practice (Shohamy, 2006, p. 110).

The qualitative model for analysis is based on understanding language policy as a social construct and a complex social process based on cultural beliefs, attitudes and myths which are produced and mediated by relations of power within the framework of interpretive approach to Critical Discourse Analysis as developed among many others by Fairclough (1989, 1992), Blommaert (1999, 2015), and using relevant elements of nexus analysis founded by Scollon and Scollon (2004) and elaborated by Hult and Pietikäinen (2014) and Blommaert (2015) that provides systematic approach to the investigation of complex social issues across chronotopes and scales.

Layman's description

This is a study of language policy, politics and planning discussions in social networks, via interviews, and 'on the ground' in linguistic landscape.
Effective start/end date2016/09/012020/12/31


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