Nature-based solution for urban challenges

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Urban areas are facing global challenges due not only to urbanisation but also to effects to urban areas by climate change. Urbanisation leads to not only an increased density of constructions as housing and infrastructure but also of urban
sprawl into the surrounding urban region that cause losses in natural areas that negatively effects biodiversity and a number of functions produced by the ecosystems. Climate change induces risks concerning storm water treatments, heat waves which can impact inhabitants as well as business in the urban areas. In addition there are a number of socioeconomic gaps that are increasing among different neighbourhoods and people in the cities. Traditionally urban areas have
used grey infrastructure to meet challenges for too much or too little water, but during the last decade a number of NBS, nature based solutions have been proposed to solve current challenges and also provide a number of solutions to the urban inhabitants, such as green roofs, blue infrastructure as dams, urban trees and parks. The advantage with NBS towards grey solution is that they can produce multiple functions that lead to a higher level of social benefits for the
Short titleNature-based soultions
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