New source material for the History of Medicine: an Arabic medical encyclopedia from the 10th century

Project: Research

Layman's description

A study of a hitherto neglected Arabic source that throws light on an important part of the History of Medicine.

The project focusses a hitherto neglected Arabic medical encyclopedia from the 10th century: al-Mu'aladjat al-Buqratiya (Hippocratic treatment) attributed to the physician Abu al-Hasan at-Tabari. The handbook, which comprises 700 pages and is extant only in handwritten form, contributes substantially to our knowledge of the standard and scope as well as on the successive development of formal Medieval medicine in the Islamic cultural sphere, thus throwing light on several of the missing links in the history of medicine. The aim of the project is to make the contents of the unique source that al-Mu'aladjat al-Buqratiya constitutes known and increase its availability for further research by preparing indices of the personal names, book-titles, geographical places and materia medica mentioned in the text, as well as a survey of the entire text, where the content of each main section is summarised.
Effective start/end date2007/01/012010/12/31