Novel Materialities

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In this project, I intend to examine selected novels by Fredrika Bremer from a new materialist perspective. The novels Famillen H*** (1830-31), Grannarne (1837) and Hemmet (1839) were all written, published and read for the first time during a period when the Swedish novel establishes itself as an aesthetic form as well as an industrial mass-produced commodity. Previous research has especially highlighted Famillen H*** as metafictional and as thematising the novel, in novel form. My study attempts to bring out a larger novelistic project in Bremers work, in the three novels in question as negotiating with novel materiality. The project thus draws on the theoretical development of posthumanism and new materialism, where the physical and the material is understood as active and participating in semiotic, meaning-making processes and relations.
Short titleNovel Materialities
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