OBELIA: the Obesity Breast Cancer Linkage Investigation

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  • Medical and Health Sciences


  • Breast cancer, Obesity


The global increase in overweight and obesity rates (“globesity”) represent pressing societal and public health concerns associated with severe comorbidities, amongst a rising incidence and impaired outcome of breast cancer. Evidence from observational studies are convincing, but why are overweight and obese women more likely to develop breast cancer, and also with a worse disease prognosis, compared with normal-weight women? Mechanistic explanations for how obesity affect breast cancer is incompletely mapped. Understanding the underlying biology behind these associations are key to reduce the burden of breast cancer.

OBELIA: "the Obesity Breast Cancer Linkage Investigation" apply a translational triangulation approach encompassing laboratory-, epidemiology and clinical investigations. Ultimately, we hope to provide mechanistic explanations and a basis for increased awareness and future clinical prevention strategies to promote better health for women.
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