Ongoing Evaluation of Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency (MSB) International Training Program Disaster Risk Management

Project: Commissioned researchCollaboration with industry, Interdisciplinary research, International collaboration, National collaboration

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  • Ongoing Evaluation, Research in Action, Collective Learning, Capacity Development, Risk Governance, Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction, International Training Program


The MSB ITP with Disaster Risk Management aims to strengthen the technical capacity development in partner countries within three sub-themes; disaster prevention, mitigation and preparedness (before), disaster response (during), and post-disaster recovery (after); and to strengthen functional capacity development within analysis, project management and networking, coordination and communication. The programme will consist of seven training cycles and cover approximately 175 participants. Priority program countries include: Bangladesh, Cambodia, Nepal, the Philippines (and Myanmar potentially). Uganda, Somalia, Rwanda and Ethiopia may be added from Eastern African region at a later stage.

The ITP programme has been designed with a set of approaches and core values (partnership, focus on change and flexibility and local adaptation) in mind.
Lund University is commissioned to support Ongoing Evaluation for the ITP with the purpose to provide continuous, real-time insights to help learn and adapt interventions efficiently, reflectively and iteratively throughout the project cycles. Independent research outputs of various nature will be produced over the project timeframe to support various levels of learning among project participants.

The process will be closely aligned with the overall program’s strategy, outcome statements and, as much as possible and where relevant, the core programme management’s monitoring function and activity plan to inform the reporting and steering of the program.
Short titleMSB ITP
AcronymMSB ITP
Effective start/end date2019/01/012023/06/30