Optimized operation and protection of DC-grids

Project: Research


This is an industrial PhD project in cooperation between Elektra (E.ON, ABB, Vattenfall) and Lund University. The cooperation is motivated by an increased need for multi-terminal HVDC specialist competence within the energy sector on transmission systems and the ongoing research work on the same topic at Lund University.

This project is a continuation to the work carried out within the Licentiate project and summarized in the Licentiate thesis titled “Control of a Multi-terminal VSC-HVDC system- A general Control System Structure”. The main objective of the project is to study and develop methods that increase the robustness of the new DC system based on VSC-HVDC with DC breakers when it comes to operation and protection. Timing is crucial when voltage and power can vary greatly within one millisecond. This time range requires minimal need for communication in case of fault, and appropriate control strategy. A general architecture for control and regulation, and models are developed in the earlier work to the Licentiate where normal and disturbed operation was evaluated for a series of faults occurring in a radial multi-terminal system (3-4 terminals) with droop voltage regulation. This will form the basis on which the current project will be developed.
Effective start/end date2014/06/302016/12/31


  • Karatsivos, Evripidis (PI)