Placed between two stools: Young offenders in criminal legal systems on the example of Sweden and Germany

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This project is dedicated to investigate the legal approaches towards young law offenders with specific focus of the “welfare-/justice-clash”, employing the Swedish and the German juvenile criminal justice systems as case studies. What happens when the legal and the social discourse meet in the framework of juvenile criminal justice systems? Where is the juvenile criminal justice system placed – more towards the legal or more towards the social system? Or is it some construct of its own, navigating in the middle?

Evolving from the undisputed fact that juveniles and young adults are different from adults, which leads to the so called “welfare-/justice-clash”, I investigate the juvenile proceedings and the sentencing process in terms of young law offenders covering law-in-books as well as law-in-action in Sweden and Germany, searching for traces of the welfare-/justice-clash. This approach implies a concept of law, which is not reduced to the black-letter-law, the rules and norms. I cast the net wider and adopt a more sociological understanding, employing a multi-method approach by combining traditional legal research with an empirical design. In the analysis, I then systematize my findings with the help of a system-theoretical approach. This methodology places my study under the genre of socio-legal research.
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Persson, M., 2017 Apr 20, 1 ed. Lund: Lund University (Media-Tryck). 408 p.

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