Policy Intervention for a Competitive Green Energy Economy

Project: Commissioned research


Future societal development will be a challenge and the search for a sustainable and competitive energy economy represents an urgent need. To generate and drive a competitive green economy will require stronger governmental policy interventions targeting energy technology change. Such a development will call for a genuine policy evaluation framework that goes beyond the evaluation discourse of today. The objective of the project is to evaluate the performance of energy policy instruments targeting clean energy technology change, taking a competitive green energy based economy as the main framework for such policy assessment. Policy evaluation will be used to assess/compare the performance of policy instruments used to drive a green economy using a multi-criteria evaluation framework. In addition, technology change will be addressed in terms of enabling processes and local learning environments within the context of a competitive green economy.
Effective start/end date2011/08/302016/11/01


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Jonas Sonnenschein, 2019, Lund: International Institute for Industrial Environmental Economics, Lund University.

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