Prevention of psychosocial health problems at work: an implementation study on organizational and management level

Project: Research


The National Occupational Health Guideline Group is a part of a research project, at the Institute of Environmental Medicine, Karolinska Institute. The group consist of researcher and practitioners, who together have developed and published four different guidelines. One of them is focusing “Mental health at work” (Jensen et al, 2015). An article describing the development process of the guidelines is also published (Kwak et al, 2017).

The aim of this project to study how the guideline on Mental health at work can be implemented at different schools in Sweden. We have planned for a randomized design and will do follow-ups on both employee-, management- and organizational level. A post-doc will be connected to the project.
Short titleIPRIS
Effective start/end date2017/09/012019/12/31


  • Kjerstin Stigmar - Physiotherapy - Impact of Musculoskeletal Disorders (Researcher)
  • Kwak, Lydia - Karolinska Institutet (PI)
  • Elinder, Liselotte Schäfer (Researcher)
  • Jensen, Irene - Karolinska Institutet (Researcher)
  • Wåhlin, Charlotte - Karolinska Institutet - Linköping University Hospital (Researcher)
  • Bergström, Gunnar - Karolinska Institutet (Researcher)
  • Nybergh, Lotta - Karolinska Institutet (Researcher)
  • Björklund, Christina - Karolinska Institutet (Researcher)