Readers' Interaction with Net Papers

Project: Research

Layman's description

How do readers interact with net papers? The project is based on authentic empirical data and using both experimental and qualitative methods to obtain results about the general behavior, attitudes and preferences regarding the reading in this new medium.

Interaction with online net papers differs significantly from reading in newspapers. Net papers are examples of network structure, characterized by the absence of a main track for navigation. The freedom to choose routes in the network is associated with danger to have problems with orientation. It is cognitively demanding to form a mental map of a site, because it is not possible to get a complete overview of the visited sites and the underlying hierarchical structure. Many readers lack search strategies, and therefore prefer visible alternatives and interaction opportunities. They select inputs which are immediately available and that they recognize. Misleading links are experienced as very confusing.
Effective start/end date2001/01/012001/12/31