Representation of war as autobiographical media: Walter MacKay Draycot, P.P.C.L.I.

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This is a collaborative project by both Prof. Jane Mattisson Ekstam and Teri Schamp-Bjerede.

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"If presented as print scholarship, this work would probably not be able to include the wide range of visual materials, a primary reason why Draycot attracts attention as a historical subject. It also would have a much smaller audience than when published on the Web. If published in a small-circulation specialized journal, it might attract a few dozen readers. On the Web, it may attract hundreds or even thousands of people, many of whom may be scholars but others of whom may be citizens interested in British Columbia regional history, in autobiography as a literary form, in World War I memoirs, etc. Finally, the communication between the author and readers would be much more limited if it were a print publication compared to a website (she notes in a footnote that she receives two or three responses a week from readers of her website)." ---N. Katherine Hayles, Professor, Duke University

About the contents: This site contains two articles on the representation of ‘self’ in autobiographical writing. After a short introduction to the four autobiographical media reviewed here and the nature of the narrating ‘I’, soldier’s records of four years’ service on the western front during World War One are discussed by the author.
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