Resilience in Urban Sudan (RUS): An Interdisciplinary Spatial and Temporal Study of Social Cohesion and Resilience to tackle the consequences of Climate and Environmental Change in Urban Khartoum.

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Filling a gap of knowledge in current research, a team of a human geographer, a historian, a young migration expert and Sudanese environmental expert, will study the effects of climate change and societal reactions in a selected urban area in Greater Khartoum. Social cohesion and resilience are main foci for this study. How can local community initiatives be developed in order to contribute to enhance social cohesion and resilience towards climate change and its impact in urban areas in Sudan? To answer this question, this project will implement a Participatory Action Research (PAR) between 2019 and 2021. This involves qualitative data collection during fieldwork and the organisation of three seminars bringing together Swedish and Sudanese academic partners and key societal stakeholders. The core of this project is formed by two interrelated studies; 1) a spatial analysis and 2) a temporal analysis of social cohesion, resilience and the impacts of climate change. Combining a spatial with a temporal study allows a better understanding of how fragile urban communities collectively remember environmental events and how they react to impacts of climate change with community action. The team will use story mapping software for combining and presenting research data on-line. This innovative study is important as it responds to an urgent need in both academia and the policy world, because little research has been done on urban sustainable development goals in Sudan.
Short titleVR sustainability and resilience
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