Scholarly communication practice and the use of weblogs

Project: Dissertation

Layman's description

Why do researchers blog? There are blogs written by researchers from a wide variety of disciplines. I am studying what motivates researchers to keep a blog and what functions a blog can have in the academic setting. The aim is to create a deeper understanding of how blogs are used as a socio-technical system for scholarly communication.

Today, the blog is a standard communication tool on the Internet. In addition, blogs are often written about and reported on in the media, and studies conducted in Sweden and the rest of the world concerning Internet usage show a clear trend towards an increase in the number of blogs. Generally, an increase in the use of the blog as a tool can be noted. Additionally, researchers and academics have increasingly become visible in the blogosphere, e.g. through services such as the portals or

Of course, there are a large number of blogs about science or research that are not written by active researchers, but what interests me is the blogs that are written by scholars and how these blogs fit into different scholarly cultures and the researchers’ scholarly communication at large. With the advance of e-Science and e-Research, a digital research practice is developing in which some researchers are using information and communication technology (ICT) as an integral part of their work.

The dissertation project examines how the blog, as an example of digital communication or ICT, is used in the scholarly context by means of three studies: a study based on content analysis of Swedish academic blogs, an interview study of blogging researchers and a study of blogs in physics and history using a genre-theoretical framework.
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