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  1. Kollokvium om relativism

    Patrik Fridlund

    Project: ResearchInternational collaboration

  2. Kyrkan och det gemensamma goda

    Johanna Gustafsson Lundberg & Mats Aldén

    Project: ResearchIndividual research project

  3. Kyrkomusikens historia i Sverige

    Anders Jarlert & Lars Berglund

    Project: Commissioned research

  4. Leveransspecifikationer för Geodata-BIM

    Lars Harrie

    FORMAS, a Swedish research council for sustainable development

    Project: Research

  5. LDMX: Light Dark Matter eXperiment (co-spokesperson)

    Torsten Åkesson

    Project: ResearchInternational collaboration

  6. Lipoproteins in diabetes and myocardial infarction

    Jens Lagerstedt

    Diabetesfonden - Stiftelsen Svenska Diabetesförbundets Forskningsfond

    Project: Research

  7. Locus coeruleus in dementing disorders

    Elisabet Englund, Mattias Haglund & Niklas Friberg

    Project: Research

  8. LU Water

    Catherine Paul, Kenneth M Persson, Jing Li, Karin Jönsson, Henrik Aspegren, Ulf Jeppsson & others

    Project: NetworkInternal collaboration (LU), Interdisciplinary research

  9. Machine learning for Health Care

    Carsten Peterson

    Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research, SSF

    Project: Research

  10. Making decisions to monitor and optimize preparation of drinking water

    Catherine Paul, Rikard Dryselius, Jon Ahlinder, Mats Forsman, Karin Jacobsson, Andreas Tornevi, Mia Bondelind & and others

    Project: ResearchNational collaboration, Interdisciplinary research, Collaboration with industry

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